Port Scan Vulnerability Scanning Service

port scan service introduction


■ Background

Catalyzed by the COVID-19, changes in industrial and in people's life have had a huge impact on the digital industry. How can we protect private data, company systems, and even prevent attacks in digital generation? The Internet Chinese Port Scan service can provide a "convenient", "easy", "fast" and "affordable" security recommendations, allowing you identify some vulnerabilities and how to improve them!


■ What is Port Scan?

Port Scan, refers to the "behavior of detecting whether a host or server is open", and is also used by hackers as one of the steps to launch an attack. Net Chinese’s Port Scan service provides you with an security proposal from a hacker’s view, so that you can have a more comprehensive understanding of the security of your host.

Before hacker attacks the host, enterprises or users can also use Port Scan to verify their server or host from the attacker’s perspective, and achieve " Prevent malicious attacks in advance".


■ Why do we need Port Scan?

Net Chinese’s Port Scan service allows enterprises or users quickly understand the overall risk distribution of the system, and have a basic understanding of their environment; you can also fix the vulnerabilities by providing individual vulnerabilities suggestions.

In other words, Net Chinese’s Port Scan service can be understood as the "proactive prevention behavior" taken by enterprises or Internet users against hacker attacks. , Which can help enterprises pass the ISO 27001.


■ Our Service

► Basic Environment Scan:  Scan the environment for the host and server to confirm which ports are open and whether there are unknown ports open.

►  Basic Vulnerability Scanning:  A lighter vulnerability scanning is performed on the host and server.

►  Advanced Vulnerability Scanning:  Perform advanced vulnerability scanning on the host and server.

►  Scanning Result Report: After the scan, a scan report will be generated, including overall risk assessment and individual vulnerability repair suggestions.

►  Various Risk Assessments: The report contains CWE Top 25 and OWASP Top 10 common vulnerability rankings.

►  Graphical Summary:  The report contains basic tables, doughnut charts, and histograms of the seven QC methods, allowing the risk distribution to be clear at a glance.

►  Vulnerabilities Repair Suggestions:  The report contains information from official, supplier and third parties to provide repair option.


■ Contact us

If you are interested in the Port Scan vulnerability scanning service, please email to sales@net-chinese.com.tw.