How to acquire value-added services

1. Please log in your account.
2. Click your account on the top right and choose "Domain Management".
3. Choose domain name > Click "Acquire Matching Domain Name" > Choose Added-Value Service.
4. Click "Check Out".
5. Choose "Term" and Click "Next".
6. Click "User's Agreement" and Click "Agree"
7. Confirm shopping list and Click "Check out"
8. Select a payment method and Click "Check Out"
9. You will be directed to "Service to be opened" page. Please click "Click to modify".

Please refer to the following instructions to enable Value-added services.
*How to enable redirect service
*How to enable Whois privacy
*How to enable CDN accelerate
*How to enable Domain lock


*If you have purchased the service, you will see the "red pause button" in "domain manegement" page, you can enable/disable the service by clicking it.
*If you have not acquired the service, you can buy it by clicking "blue shopping cart button" in "domain manegement" page.
*You can also buy/renew add-valued services in the step2 when you register/renew domain name.
*According to the policy of domain name, add-valued services can not apply to some domain names.
*If you have any question, please mail to "".