Domain Management Service (VIP Program)




■ Why do I need a domain management service (VIP Program)?

Based on our 20+ years of experiences, below are the most common issues about domain management that our clients have:   

► Unfamiliar with domains’ rules: each domain has its own rule, and usually a company can have several domains, which
makes them struggle with the rules every time they need to renew or transfer the domain names.

► Don’t know how to manage domain names:  the responsibility of managing domain names is often an issue for most
companies; we have some clients who have a hard time dealing with this issue because they have no idea who is
responsible for managing domains within their companies. To register a domain could be the IT department’s task,
and to use the domain may be the marketing department’s job, but to renew it, is it the IT, marketing, or finance
department’s responsibility?

► Unaware of domain name dispute cases:  some companies are unaware that their rights have been infringed as a domain
name dispute case, and what is even worse is that they do not know whom to ask help for.

► Lack of consultancy: similar to above, some companies do not know whom to consult with for domain name related issues,
and thus unable to receive quick and correct information.

► Lack of domain name management strategy:  usually, companies have their domain names and related services purchased
with different service providers; the lack of the domain name management strategy makes it more difficult to deal with
domain name affairs.


■ The 4 main features

Customized Services: our services are customized based on your organizational structure, management process,
information security requirements, different levels of access, and so on.

Professional Consultant: we provide the most complete domain-related information, including domain rules, suggestions
on domain name selection, assistance in domain name dispute, domain name transaction, pre-registration, and legal

Convenient Billing Service: we can tailor our billing service based on your company’s billing process and requirements.

Comprehensive Domain Name Management Assistant: you will have your own contact window who will help you manage your
domain names such as bulk-transferring.


Why Net-Chinese

The most experienced service provider in Taiwan: we manage 1M+ domain names with registrations completed in around
100 countries for our clients.

Professional teams: we have 20+ years of experience in domain name management; our teams are fully dedicated to
providing you a comprehensive service.

Complete services: we provide registration services for nearly 1 thousand extensions which can suffice your variety
of needs.

Reliable and trustworthy: ur clients are all over the world, including well-known brands from technology, finance,
and airline industries.


■ Advantages of the VIP Program


■ How to enroll in the VIP program?

If you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact us via email -