Modify Domain E-mail Address


Account E-mail v.s. Domain E-mail

1.The function of account e-mail:

(1)Notice letter of the expiring domain (before 90 days)
(2)Member accounted verification
(3)Reset password
(4)Change the domain management account

If you need to check your account e-mail address, please access the control panel,and click "Account">"Account Overview".


2. The function of domain e-mail:

(1)Notice letter of the expiring domain (before 14 days)
(2)Some administrations will show the e-mail address on Whois
(3)Confirm that the owner needs to transfer out
(4)Confirm that the owner needs to transfer in

If you need to check your domain e-mail address,please access the control panel ,and click "Domain Management">"My Domain Overview">chick the domain name>"Domain Name Profile"

The steps of Modifying Domain e-mail address
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