How To Purchase SSL Certificates?

If you want to know more introduction of SSL certificates please refer to What are SSL certificates?
After you purchasing the SSL certificates, you need to configure and validate your SSL certificates, and then your certificate will be issued.
1. Log in your account.
2. Click ”SSL certificates” > “place order” > choose the type of certificates > click “purchase”.

3. Click “check out”.

4. Confirm the type and price of the product > click “Next”

5. Click “next” in step2 > tick User's Agreement > Click "Agree"


6. Confirm shopping list and click "Check Out"

7. Select a payment method and a receipt information > click “check out”

8. After purchasing, please complete the follow-up process, please refer to:

  • If you have any question, please feel free to mail to "".
  • In response to the new policies of major browsers, Net-Chinese has already stopped providing two-year certificates from August 2020.