Cloud Services


■ Features of our cloud services

 The 6th generation of the cloud hosting resources with leading performance  
☑ Load balancing, the most stable and fastest
☑ The highest protection level to prevent DDoS attacks
☑ Multiple backups, restore data automatically
☑ Improving performance, fixed price, better efficiency
           Hundreds of templates for your choice  
           ☑ Drag-and-drop feature, what you see is what you get
           ☑ Easy to use for web design beginners
           ☑ RWD supported, aligned with the modern trend
           ☑ Built-in multiple languages and widgets, easy to apply
 The professional website design team helps you realize your dream  
☑ Full consultation beforehand to identify your needs
☑ Customized solutions, one web page can be done too
☑ Instant online assistance is provided
☑ Provide website maintenance services  


■ 第六代雲端主機



■ Cloud services and email service for enterprise

Items EZ Mail(mailbox) EZ basic EZ advanced EZ business
Storage 3G 5G 10G 20G
Traffic/ month (can be expanded) 10G 10G 20G 40G
MySQL database NA NA 5 10
Supported PHP version The supported PHP version is 7.2.
Control panel Plesk (Chinese version)
OS Linux
Built-in mail system
Number of mailboxes 30 30 50 80
Domain name (URL)
Webmail Chinese platform
Size limit per mail 20MB
Free DNS service
Free CMS widget (e.g. WordPress) No database No database
1 Free .com domain name NA
Subdomains 5 5 10 20
Domain alias 0 0 3 5
FTP uploading
Website traffic analysis report
Free consultation
Free data restoring 6 times/ year
Charges/ year TWD1,500 TWD2,000 TWD3,500 TWD5,500
5G traffic add-on TWD60
Exempted from setting free
Free trial A full refund may be applicable within 30 days after the activation date (the domain name charge will be deducted from the amount).
Other customization needs Please contact us for details.