Privacy Policy

  • 1.Scope of the Privacy Policy

    The content of the Privacy Policy includes how your personal identification information is collected, processed and utilized by Net-Chinese Co., Ltd (hereinafter ,”our company”).The privacy policy would neither apply to other relevant linked websites from our website nor apply to the management personnel that are not directly commissioned by or involved in our company.

  • 2.Notices on Personal Information
    • 2.1Purpose of Collection:

      The primary purposes for which our company collects your personal information include:

      • Marketing.
      • Consumer, Customer Management and Service.
      • license and registration.
      • Accounting and related Services.
      • Information (Communication) Services.
      • Information (Communication) and database Management.
      • Investigation, statistics and research analysis.
      • Non-government agency collect or process personal information under legal obligations.
      • Contract, contract-like or other legal relation matters.
      • Other Consulting and Consultant Services.
      • Other business operation in accordance with the business registration project or organization charter.
    • 2.2Classification of the Personal Information:

      The collecting personal information of our company includes:

      • C001 Type for identifying individuals
        For example: Name, title, address, telephone number, the E-mail address or any other data which can identify the individual.
      • C002 Type for identifying finance
        For example: The number and name for financial institutions’ account, the number of credit card or VISA card.
      • C003 Type for identifying in government data
        For example: The number of personal ID card and the number of passport, etc.
      • C011 Individual description
        For example: Date of birth and nationality, etc.
    • 2.3Time period, areas, objects, and methods of using the personal information:
      • (1)A duration of 5 years after the termination of related Services.
      • (2)Taiwan or other related areas except for the area which competent authorities prohibited.
      • (3)Our company and contract partner, Registry, people who are involved, financial institutions, related logistics, mailing business and other units our company needs.
      • (4)Methods:
        • Domain name application and purchase: when applicant purchase, renew, transfer, assign of right the domain name, (s)he need provide the personal information to domain name registration and management institution by any forms to transmit the application information.
        • Goods delivery: our company based on business needs, when delivering related commodities and receipts, would provide applicants’ personal information to related logistics, mailing business to deliver the commodities and receipts.
        • Financial transaction and authorization: the type of personal data collected by our company is C002 and is limited to written information. If you operate by yourself through the online payment method provided by our company, the relevant personal data of the transaction will be paid by the financial institution or third party that accepts the transaction Platforms (such as PayPal) collect and process to facilitate the completion of transactions.
        • Important message notification and marketing: our company would utilize the address, mail address, email address and telephone number provided by applicant to release important messages and marketing promotion by our company or the Registry.
    • 2.4Applicant’s righ:
      • (1)Pursuant to Article 3 of the Personal Data Protection Act, the applicant could inquiry, request for a review or request to make duplications of the personal information our company maintained, and we could charge necessary cost and expense.
      • (2)The applicant also could make any request to supplement or correct the personal information, but the applicant should expound properly according to the law.
      • (3)The applicant could make any request to discontinue collection, processing, use of personal information and delete the personal information, but our company could reject the applicant’s request when it is necessary for the performance of an official duty.
      • (4)When exercising aforementioned rights, please inform: +886 2-25319696, our staffs would be serving you.
  • 3.Information Protection
    • 3.1The website servers are all set up with relevant data security equipment and mandatory safety protection measures, including firewalls and anti-virus systems, using the strictest protection procedures to ensure the safety of the website’s and your own personal data from loss, misuse, unauthorized access or disclosure, alteration, or destruction. Only authorized personnel will have access to your personal data, and all relevant processing agents have signed a confidentiality agreement. Anyone who has violated the confidentiality agreement will be penalized legally.
    • 3.2 As a result of business needs, should it be necessary to appoint other relevant offices to provide services for the Website, we will also strictly demand them to adhere to confidentiality obligations and adopt necessary checking procedure to ensure that the confidentiality obligations are followed.
    • 3.3Besides the performance of an official duty or agreed by customers, once the object of settlement has been terminated and there is no laws or regulations to keep the personal information any more, our company would delete or destroy the personal information our company get.
  • 4.Sharing Personal Data with Third Parties

    Except for the purpose about “Personal Information Collection Statement ", neither do our service website use your personal information for other usages without authorization, nor make personal information of individual user public in any form, nor disclose, exchange, rent or sell any your personal information to the third party out of our company to use, except for:

    • 4.1disclosure as required by law,
    • 4.2compliance with legal process.
    • 4.3You agree in writing.
  • 5.Usage of Cookies

    In order to provide the best service, the website will install and access our Cookies on your computer. If you do not wish Cookies to be installed, you may change the privacy level setting on your browser to “high,” then the installation of the Cookie will be rejected. However, this may result some of the functions of the website to work irregularly.

  • 6.Amendment of the Privacy Policy

    This Privacy Policy will be amended as required at any time. Amended clauses will be published on the website.

  • The English translation is only for reference, in the event of any discrepancy between the Chinese and English texts hereof and thereof, the Chinese version shall govern.