A record

How to set A record?


If you build a website(WEB SERVER)and IP address is, you can register a domain name and direct it to your IP address.

►If you need to set www.netc.tw, please enter www in "Hostname/cname"

►If you need to set netc.tw, please do not enter any word in "Hostname/cname"

►If you need to set both www.netc.tw and netc.tw, please set two A records.

►For example :

Notice :
  • If you need to set sub domain without IP address, please refer "Cname record"
  • AAAA record can direct to IPv6 address. You can set AAAA record at the same way.
  • You can set 50 DNS records for free.
  • Please enter English lowercase. 
  • Do not enter the same hostname/cname for two different records.
  • Do not enter special symbol in hostname/cname except "-".
  • Do not enter domain name in hostname/cname.
  • You can only set one layer for Hostname/cname.
  • If there is any mistake, it would make your record invaild.