How to transfer in domain names?


Process Before Transferring in

1. Please confirm the expiration date of your domain name. The transfer process period will be different according different policy of domain name. We suggest you operate one month in advance for avoiding transfer failure.

2. Please inform the current registrar that you need to transfer out your domain name for making sure that your domain name can be transferred.

3. Please note your DNS information can not be modified when transferring, please make sure your DNS will not be interruptted when transferring.


Transfer in

1. Log in to your account.

2. Click your account on the top right and choose "Domain Management".

3. Click "Domain Name Transfer In", enter your domain name and AuthCode > Click "Check".

*Please notice the auth code’s validity period

4.“Add to cart” and “Check out”.

5. Click "Next".

6. Click User's Agreement and Click "Agree".

7. Confirm the shopping list and click "Check Out".

8. Select a payment method.

9. Click "Services to be opened" > "Choose Contacts for Domains"

10. Choose or create your domain name contact information and click "Submit domain name contact information".

There are three ways to choose a contact.

Click "Add" and create a new domain name contact information > Click "Create"

If you have created the contact before, you can choose a domain name contact information that you need to use directly. You can click “查看” to check the contact information also.


Fill in the CTID directly and click "ok".

11.After checking your information, please click "Submit domain name contact information".

12. Domain contact email address will receive an email(FOA). Please click the link to finish the transfer in process.


●The Domain transfer rule is different according to the policy of each registry.

●Please contact the current registrar and check the domain name is able to transfer.

●It may take 5-7 business days to finish the transfer process, the actual process period will be different according to different kind of domain.

●Please make sure that the DNS servers will not be stopped in the transfer period. If your DNS servers are stopped, the domain name related services will be affected.  

●You can’t modify your DNS setting and domain information when your domain is pending transfer.