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What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? 

Search Engine Optimization, short for SEO, is to optimize and improve your website’s ranking on search results through the
understanding of the search engine’s mechanism. SEO can let you acquire adequate (and free) organic traffic and thus enable
you to get rid of large costs spent on ads.

In short, SEO is to “convince the search engine that your website is the best.”

What should be noted is that the algorithm of the search engine is continuously improving. 
Some sneaky SEO tricks used in the past have become outdated, and they would even cause negative impacts on your 
For instance, Google launched Panda and Penguin algorithm updates to diminish websites using those tricks.

In addition to the changes from the search engine, there is an apparent difference in user behaviors and habits between
today’s Internet users and the past which you need to know for SEO. Nowadays, there are more and more mobile device users
which means that you have to put effort into maintaining different layouts of content on your website.
Also, today’s Internet users tend to search with a “sentence” more rather than a set of words.
If your website is added with many keywords only, then it is outdated.

If you have no idea how to design your website’s strategy, which keywords to choose, or why your ranking is bad, then you
really need to understand what SEO and website marketing are.



Why do you need SEO?

Frankly speaking, the purpose of maintaining a website is to reach more potential customers and to create more business
leads, making it as easy as possible that even if you sleep at home at night, you can still get new orders.
We know that building a website needs several fixed costs, such as a domain name (the URL of your site), hosting, website
design, and the following operational fees. Now that you have invested so much on your website, wouldn’t everything be in
vain if you forget to do SEO, making your site ranked badly?

Based on our experiment, over 90% of the traffic goes to the first page of SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), which
means that only the top 10 websites have the most traffic. In other words, if your website falls after the second page,
then we would say there must be a lot to improve.

Here is an image (copyright protected)  to conclude the benefits of SEO:



What we offer

1. Health check on your website’s structure: by using our tool to thoroughly scan your website, we will review if your
website structure is aligned with the requirements of SEO; we will also provide a detailed report and suggestions for

2. Professional consultancy: we will let you know which areas to improve and assist you in working on the plans; you can call
us or drop us an email if you have any questions during the process.

Strategy Planning
….and other customized services

3. Quick in-house training: we will provide tutorials and references to let you and your team to quickly pick up the basic
knowledge of SEO so that it will be easier for you to practice it.

4. Regularly track the results: with our self-developed tool, we will monitor the rankings of the keywords used by your
website and review the results of your SEO work.

5. Completely customized services: we know that different industries and companies have different areas to focus on; we
will customize our services to meet different companies’ needs.

6. Detailed data analysis: we use GTM (Google tag manager)and integrate different tools to conduct the analysis, more than
what GA could offer.

Process analysis
Attribution analysis
Conversion analysis
Abandonment/ bounce rate analysis
Website heatmap analysis
….and other customized services



Steps of our service



We guarantee you…

1. The SEO service will be completely customized; no matter what types of business you are (B2C, B2B or other types), you
will have your unique SEO improvement project.

2. We do not involve black hat tricks. All the plans and actions will be aligned with the current SEO improvement system
which will not harm your website.

3. We provide real data. The tools we use are credible, and there will be no fraudulent data in our reports.

4. We protect our client’s privacy. Each project is planned and executed separately; we will never disclose any data of our

5. We provide an option of integrating with other services such as fraud/ piracy monitoring, SSL certificates, and CDN, etc.




Q1. I have run my website for a while, and my reputation, brand awareness and traffic has reached to a certain extent. Do I
still need to know SEO as well?

Sounds like you have done a great job on your site! However, the purpose of doing SEO is to “keep your website competitive,
and to get to know your customers more during the process.” Everyone wants to know their customers more. It’s nice that
your numbers look good for now, but if you look at details like cohort analysis, abandonment rate, conversion rate, and so
on, you will know that there will always be something to improve.

Q2.My business type is B2B; I don’t contact end customers directly. Do I still need to do SEO?

Of course. The difference between B2B and B2C is the targeted audiences. You still need to show the strengths and the
concept of your company through your site. Not to mention that through doing SEO, you will be able to quickly catch up with
the trend and changes in your market, which is beneficial for your company too.

Q3. SEO sounds so complicated. There are too many things to consider, and it seems that I will not get an immediate result
if I do it. It seems not worth it.

This is why you need an SEO consultant. A good SEO consultant gives you a clear direction on how and where to improve.
All you need to do is to put your efforts and resources into it. During the process, the consultant should be able to
assist you anytime. As for whether there will be an immediate result, it depends on how competitive your market is and how
much you devote to the improvement project. We would say the situations are different from company to company.

Q4. Will my site be on the first page of search results if I use your services?

The algorithm has become more complex now. The tricks that are often used in the past like adding a lot of keywords and
backlinks are now obsolete. In fact, these tricks are against the search engine’s principles, and it’s highly possible that
your site will be blacklisted if you are still using them. Considering that different markets have different conditions,
and the competitors in each market are different as well (some of them have been doing SEO already), we could only say that
“if we collaborate closely and stick to the project, then it will be more possible for you to sit on the first page of
search results.” Any strategies, plans are just for preparation. What really matters is how you do it.

Q5. Well, the other SEO consultancies guarantee me that my site will be on the first page of search results if I use their

The current algorithm (e.g. Rankbrain) uses AI to calculate data. Even the engineers at Google are not able to provide all
the factors that have influences on rankings, not to mention “controlling” the rankings. This is why we believe no one can
100% guarantee you that your site will be ranked in a certain position. If someone does, either they know more than the
engineers at Google, or it’s possible that they are using black hat tricks.

Q6. Do I need to put a lot of resources into SEO?

It depends on your needs and goals. We will be able to discuss it at the first step of our service. We will go through your
goals, understand the limitations, and customize your SEO improvement project. We will assist you as much as possible
during the project. Before the project starts, you are welcomed to contact us for a free consultancy.

Q7. Will it cost a lot for SEO services?

Yes, everyone is concerned with the pricing issue. As a matter of fact, the prices are dependent on the scale of your
project and your goals. The price could vary differently for different conditions. Please contact us directly for further