How To Enable Domain Lock?

If you want to prevent domain name details from being hacked and modified, you can use our domain lock service. Once a domain name is locked, except for renewal, no changes can be made to the domain or its DNS configuration until the domain is unlocked.

· If you want to know more details please refer to Domain Lock Service.

· If you want to know how to buy URL Redirect service, please refer to "How to buy".

· If you have already purchased Domain Lock Service, please refer to the steps below to activate the service.

1. Log in your account.
2. Click your account on the top right and choose "Domain Management".
3. You will find that the domain which applied for “Domain Lock” service appears an red pause button. You can activate the service by clicking the red pause button.
4. Please click “Enable”.
5.1 Select your identity: Company/Organization or individual.
5.2 Enter the VAT number of Company/Organization or ID number of individual.
5.3 Enter the password for unlock.
5.4 Last, click “Enable”.
  • If you want to unlock your domain for modification, you need to pay again to re-enable the domain lock. Because the payment of domain lock is only for one time.
  • If your domain is expired and isn’t renewed, the domain lock will become invalid as well.