How to renew domain names?

How to renew domain names ?

You can choose to renew without logging in or renew after logging in.

* Renew without logging in

1. Click here and be directed to the renew page.

2. Choose language on the top right. Search your domain name.

3. Click check out.

4. Select a payment method and confirm payment.

* You can only renew one year and can not renew add-valued services.

* If you need to pay by paypal, please log in your account and renew.

* If your domain name is expiring, please log in your account and renew.

* If you are Pacname's customer, please log in your account and renew.


* Normal Renewal

1. Log in your account.
2. Click your account on the top right and choose "Domain Management".
3. Click the domain which you want to renew.
4. Click "Customized Renew" > "Selected Domain Renew" > "Check Out"

5. Choose Value-Added Service that you need and click "Next".

  (Click "Next" directly if you don't need any Value-Added Service)

6. Click User's Agreement and Click "Agree"

7. Confirm shopping list and click "Check Out"

8. Select a payment method.

  • Domain renewal rule is different according to policy of each registry.
  • If your domain name is expired, please click "Domain Management" > "Pending for Process" to find your domain name.