Domain buying back service

■ Domain buying back service description

Have you ever had an ideal domain name which took you several days to “form” the name but when you tried to register
it, you found that it had been registered by someone else already? Well, we have a service that can help you “buy back”
the domain name!

The features of the services include:

1. The buying back practice is conducted anonymously. Your privacy is protected.

2. We have various gateways to approach the domain name owner, increasing the chances of making a deal.

3. We have full experience in handling the cases, which makes us the most professional domain buying back agent in

Everyone knows that there have been lots of Internet fraud cases over the years, but few are aware that in the domain
name transaction market, there are malicious intentions too. It is highly recommended that if you are not familiar
with the market or the transaction procedure, you should hire an experienced agent to negotiate and conduct the
transaction for you.

Net-Chinese has been helping our clients in the domain name buying backfield for around 10 years. We can assist you in
getting back the domain name you want and protect your privacy at the same time.

Please drop us an email via if you are interested in the service.


■ Steps of the buying back service

There are 2 steps for buying back a domain name, and the charges are applied for each step separately. 

Step 1: Negotiation

We will assist you to anonymously contact the domain name owner and request an offer if possible. We will also help
you to negotiate the price with the domain name owner. The charge for this step is TWD 1,500.

Step 2: Transfer

Once an offer is agreed on, we will help with the domain name ownership transfer procedure. There will be a service
fee of 10% of the domain name’s agreed price in addition to the administrative fees.


■ Notice

1. The negotiation service charge (TWD 1,500) cannot be refunded or redeemed for other fees in any case.

2. During the negotiation process, if there is any other additional cost, it should be paid by the buyer.

3. Any fees that occur during the banking process (e.g. remittance fee, handling fee, commission...etc) should be paid by
the buyer.

4. To protect both the seller (domain name owner) and the buyer’s privacy, we will not provide any evidence for the
negotiation process; we will provide a closing report instead.

5. There will be an additional charge of TWD 500 for a report which includes the details/ evidence of the negotiation
process. Personal/ sensitive information will be hidden in the report.