URL Redirect


■ Service Description 

URL redirect (URL forwarding) is used to redirect the users who access your domain to a different URL. If your website
or blog is built on a platform where the URL is established under that platform’s domain name, you might want to
register a new domain name for your site to make the URL shorter and easier to remember. 

The common types of URL redirect include 301 (Permanent Redirect) and 302 (Temporary Redirect):

- 301 (Permanent Redirect): once a user accesses a domain name with 301 redirect activated, the user will be redirected
to another URL, which will be displayed exactly at the URL bar. For example, if a user accesses URL A, and is
redirected to URL B, the browser will display URL B to the user. The traffic will be routed to URL B instead of URL A.

- 302 (Temporary Redirect): as the opposite of 301 redirect, when a user is redirected to a different URL, the browser
will not display the new URL. For example, when a user accesses URL A, and is redirected to URL B, the browser will
show URL A. This type of redirect is valid for HTM and HTML only. It does not support HTML, CGI, ASP, PHP, JSP, Java


■ Who can use the service?

URL redirect is a common tool for online marketing activities. It is used when there is a new domain name registered
specifically for a new marketing campaign or when you want to register the domain names where the spellings are
similar to your brand, and that you want to redirect all access to the main website. Below are the common scenarios
where a URL redirect is used:

1. Your website is built on a free platform where you don’t have your own domain name: to allow your audiences to access
your site more easily, register your easy-to-remember domain name, and setting up a URL redirect will help.

2. You have several domains already: if you have several domain names (including the ones registered for brand protection
or typo domains) and want them to be assigned to the same site, then you can consider setting up URL redirect.

3. When the URL of your main site is permanently changed: if your main URL for the site is changed (due to rebranding or
any other reasons), you can use this tool to redirect the users who access your old URL to the new one.


■ How to activate and set up URL redirect?

Please follow the steps listed below to activate the service:

1. Log into your account and click “My Domain Overview” under the tab “Domain Management”.
2. Select the domain name for the service.
3. Under the green button “Acquire Matching Domain Name”, select “Redirect”.
4. Click the blue-button “Check Out” to complete the payment process.
5. Click “Services to be opened” under the “Account” tab on the left column.
6. Click the blue-button “Click to modify”.
7. Fill in the URL redirect information and save the settings. Please allow a few hours for the system to refresh.