URL Redirect

■ Service Description 

URL Redirect service is URL Frame, the purpose is to link your URL to a link designated by you;Due to the long and lengthy URLs provided by free online spaces or blogs, some clients would apply for a short Domain Name and redirect it to the webpage URL. Reminders, if you do not have a Domain Name, please do not purchase URL redirect.

URL redirect service currently supports HTM and HTML only, except for the following programs:HTMLS, CGI, ASP, PHP, JSP, Java Servelet...etc.


■ Applicable to 

If your web page do not have a fixed IP, and you are using free sites or blogs, you will need to purchase URL redirect for your Domain Name, and set URL redirection;or if you have a second Domain Name, and would like to redirect from site A to site B, then you can purchase URL redirection.

URL redirect settings have "Temporary Redirect"(302 direct forwarding)  and "Permanent Redirect"(301 direct forwarding), 

Select "Temporary redirect"setting, the Domain Name you entered will show first, then the destination page URL will appear.

Select "Permanent Redirection", the Domain Name you entered will remain showing, will not show the URL the you would like to redirect to;but if you redirect the web page which clients  need to enter their member account name and password, then "Permanent Redirect" is not suitable for your purpose, because "Permanent Redirection" will frame the web page, and members will not be able to login, it is recommended to use "Temporary redirect" setting.


■ Service Procedure and Setting 

If you have decided to purchase URL Redirection, please enter into your account, and select [Manage My Domain], enter the Domain which you would like to redirect, there will be icons of value-added service for you to select, select [Redirect], complete the application procedure and make payment, then the URL Redirection will be activated, login again and set the redirect destination.

A kind reminder, URL Redirection does not support wildcard character(For example: * and @ ).


1. Select Value-Added Service 

2. Complete payment and then login into settings. 

3. Activate URL 

4. Enter URL redirect to set redirection page 

5. Send URL redirect setting.