WHOIS Privacy


■ Service Description

The WHOIS privacy protection service is provided to protect your personal information from being exposed to the public.
ICANN, the international organization which is responsible for the domain names’ policies and operations, requires every
registrar (domain name registration services provider) to maintain domain name holders’ contact information including your
name, phone number, address, and email address accessible on the Internet. Our WHOIS privacy protection service can hide
most of your personal information in the publicly accessible database and prevent it from being used by malicious spams
or domain name-related harassment.

Price: US$ 5.0 for one year


■ Supported domains

To use our WHOIS privacy protection service, your domain name must be registered or maintained with us.
If your domain name is not managed with us, please contact our customer support team for assistance in transferring
it to us.

Our WHOIS privacy protection service is supported for the following extensions:
New gTLDs (.shop, .today, .taipei….etc)
.tw (.idv.tw/ .org.tw/ .net.tw extensions are not supported)


■ How to activate WHOIS privacy protection service? 

Please follow the steps listed below:
1. Log into your account and select “Domain Management” from the menu at the top right corner(under your account).
2. Select the domain name that you want to buy WHOIS privacy protection service for.
3. Click on “Acquire Matching Domain Name”.
4. Select “Whois privacy” from the list appearing under “Acquire Matching Domain Name” and click on “Check Out
    (the blue button)”.
5. Complete your payment process.
6. Expand “Account” at the left column and click on “Services to be opened”.
7. Activate the service as per instructions on the page.

After you active the WHOIS Privacy service, the domain name registration mailbox information will be replaced by an alternative one. We will transfer received mails to your original mailbox.

If you want to terminate the WHOIS Privacy service, just disable the service anytime when needed or not pay for service renewal.