Net-Chinese's DNS Server

■ Service Description 

The Function of Domain Name is to replace numbers with meaningful letters. For example:Net-Chinese's Domain Name is , through DNS, you'll be directed to: server, then we don't have to remember a bunch of meaningless numbers, but can still find the website successfully.   In simple terms, DNS resolver plays the role of interpreting domain Name and IP.

DNS resolver is to use Net-Chinese server to interpret your IP and Domain Name.


■ Applicable to 

DNS not only used to interpret Domain Names and IP, and can respond to other internet and sever relate messages. To achieve this function, different ["record" ] settings need to be in the DNS, and these ["record"] is called RR TYPE ( resource record types) , Common "record" used are A, MX, CNAME, TXT, etc.

Net-Chinese provide DNS Resolving for: A, MX, CNAME, TXT, AAAA, and etc. If your Domain Name is registered in Net-Chinese, you'll receive 50 sets of free DNS Resolving records.

■ Service procedure and settings 

Please login with your account and password, click on your account on the top right corner, select Domain Name management, search for Domain Name, select "DNS setting",

Select "DNS ":use Net-Chinese server, system will indicate proxy server and IP, click "save" on the top right corner

Next, select "record setting", on the top right corner "Add a Row" and you can add a new record that you want the server to manage for you, after sending request to server, please wait for DNS update.