Domain Lock Service



■ Service description

The domain lock service can prevent your sensitive information from being hacked or stolen on the Internet.
The service simply needs you to provide a password and company/ personal information, and then it can be activated.
Once the service is activated for a domain name, no changes can be made to it except for renewal. To change the
information (e.g. DNS setting) of a locked domain name, it will need to be unlocked first.


■ Who can use this service?

Any person or company who/ which takes data protection seriously can use this service. There is no identity
requirement for the activation of this service. However, there are some suffixes that do not support the domain
lock service. Please contact us directly if you have any questions.


■ How to activate domain lock service?  

To activate this service, please follow the steps below:

1. Log into your account, click “My Domain Overview” under the tab “Domain Management” on the left column.

2. Select the domain name that you want to activate the service for, and under the green button
“Acquire Matching Domain Name”, please click on “Domain Lock”.

3. Click the blue-button “Check Out” and complete the payment.

4. Click “Services to be opened” under the tab “Account” on the left column.

5. Click on the blue button “Click to modify”, and click on the green button “Enable” on the pop-up window.

6. Fill in the information (including a password for the domain lock) which will be required for unlocking your domain in
the future.


Please note that some suffixes may not support this service.
Please note that if you want to lock a domain that has been unlocked before, you’ll need to purchase the service