Domain Lock Service


■ Service Description 

Domain Lock,  preventing enterprise client's details from being hacked or stolen and causing damage to the enterprise.
After providing verification information and setting password, domain lock will be activated.
Once a domain name is locked, except for renewal, no changes can be made to the domain or its DNS configuration until the domain is unlocked.

■ Applicable to 

1. People who eager for more assurance on Domain Name data protection.

2. Corporates with cultures that value data protection.

■ Service Procedures and Settings

To activate the service, please follow the steps below:

1. Customer can choose the service in My Domain Overview under Manage My Domain. (If the grey icon does not appear for the Domain you wish to purchase the service for, this means that the TLD suffix of that Domain is not supported by the service.)
2. After clicking on the icon, you will be taken to the purchase and payment page.
3. After the Payment process, back in the Manage My Domain page, you will see the icon of this service turing into orange and need to be activated by clicking on the icon.
4. Once in the activation page, you can set the account and password for the service, then the service will be activated. (The account will be locked, except for renew, no changes can be made to th e domain or its DNS configuration until the domain is unlocked.)