Report Abuse

1. We have no reason to know whether users use the services we provide are infringing, nor are we obligated to review and
judge the content of the website and not directly profit from the online information provided by the users. If there is
evidence that the owner of the right has been infringed, please use your real name report to the contact person
(anonymous report, non-infringement incident or report to a non-contact person will not be accepted),
we will notify the user and remove or prevent others from accessing the infringing information.

2. If the user believes that he is not infringing, he can prepare a reply notice and send it to our contact person, and
ask us to reply to the content or related information that has been removed or made inaccessible to others. The
aforementioned reply notification email will be forwarded to the person who submitted the report in the preceding

3. If the person who submitted the reporting report provides us with proof of litigation against the user within 10
working days from the day after receiving the email forwarded by us in the preceding paragraph, therefore, we are not
obliged to reply that the user was removed or made others inaccessible the content or related information;
If not, we will reply to the content or related information that has been removed or made inaccessible to others within
14 working days from the day after the notification is forwarded. (Note: We do not accept reports of the same domain name)

4. If the user is involved in infringement three times, all or part of the service may be terminated.

5. Submitting false report or reply notice to us, causing damages to the user, us or any third party, shall be liable for

6. Contact person:

Chinese Language Controls
This policy, along with all policies and the applicable product agreements identified above and incorporated herein by
reference, is executed in the Chinese language. To the extent any translation is provided to you, it is provided for
convenience purposes only, and in the event of any conflict between the Chinese and translated version, where permitted
by law, the Chinese version will control and prevail.