How To Set Up URL Redirect Service?

· Here are three situations that buying URL Redirect service can help you to improve your website:
1.    your web page do not have a fixed IP.
2.    you are using free sites or blogs.
3.    you have a second Domain Name, and would like to redirect from site A to site B.

· If you want to know more details please refer to URL Redirection.

· If you want to know how to buy URL Redirect service, please refer to "How to buy".

· If you have already purchased URL Redirect service, please refer to the steps below to set the records.

1. Log in your account.
2. Click your account on the top right and choose "Domain Management".
3. You will find that the domain which applied for “Redirect” service appears an red pause mark. You can start the service by clicking the red pause button.
4. Please click “Enable”.
5.1 Enter the information (Title, Host, URL)
5.2 Choose to activate 301 redirector or not (use 301 redirector tick the checkbox, use 302 redirector do not tick the checkbox.)
5.3 Click “Redirect setting”
Example :

If you want to redirect to

Tick the checkbox (use 301 redirector for Permanent Redirection):address bar appears

Not tick the checkbox (use 302 redirector for Temporary redirect):address bar appears

  • Title: The website page name appears on the browsers (You need to set the title only if you use 302 redirector)
  • Host name: Set up your subdomain, which means the letter before your domain, ex: www or remain blank. (Please enter English lowercase and do not enter your domain name.)
  • URL: The website page you want to point to. (Please don’t enter domain name.)
  • If you use your own DNS, you need to add an A record pointing to
  • It may take 3 hours for changes to update throughout the internet after you set the redirect record.
  • If the redirection does not work successfully, please mail to "".