How to Change Owner?


Why do we need to proceed ownership transfer?

■ There are two kinds of information. One is for the account's owner, the other is for the domain name's owner.
If you need to change the account's owner, please refer to “How to update account email address ?”
If you need to change the domain name's owner, please proceed with the ownership transfer.

The Account's information v.s. The Domain Name's information
*The Account information is about the manager of account in Net-Chinese. If there is anything that needs to be confirmed, we will contact the manager.
*The domain name information is about the regisrant of this domain name, and this information will be sent to Authority.
*The e-mail's function is different also. If you need to know more about it, please refer to "Modify Domain E-mail Address".

How to proceed ownership transfer?

1.Log in your account

2.Click your account on the top right and choose "Domain Management"

3.Click the domain name you need to transfer ownership
*You can press “Search” button to search domain name quickly.

4.Click "Domain Name Status" > "Ownership Transfer"

5.Choose Value-Added Service that you need and click "Next"
*The ownership transfer service will be ticked automatically, please click "next" directly if you don't need other Value-Added Services.
*What is URL Redirect Service
*What is Domain Lock Service
*What is CDN Service
*What is Whois Privacy Service

6.Read User's Agreement and tick the checkboxes,Click "Agree"

7.Confirm shopping list and click "Check Out"

8.Select a payment method
*How to deposit prepayment to Account

9.Please click “Account”> "Services to be opened"  > "Click to proceed"

10.Click Above "fill in and download the application"

After filling in the contact information about Transferee, please click the button "fill in and download the application" below
*If you need to move the domain name to another account,please fill out  "Account of Transferee"

11.Click "Upload the application document",after uploading the files > click"upload"

■ Please upload the necessary document.
*【Fill in and download the application】: The form for ownership transfer
*【Transferor document】: The documents of current registrant.
*【Transferee document】: The documents of new registrant.
 If the owner is an individual, please provide a copy of ID card or Passport.
 If the owner is an organization/company, please provide a copy of official business certification.

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Please Note

*Please confirm that the document is clear and latest.
*Please confirm that the new registrant information is correct and eligible.
*Please click the domain name,don't tick the checkbox.(step 3)
*Please read User's Agreement and tick the checkboxes,or you can't do next. (step 6)