How to Enable CDN accelerate ?


      *If you want to know more information about CDN accelerate service, please refer to "CDN accelerate".
      *If you want to know how to buy CDN accelerate service, please refer to "How to buy".
      *If you have purchased "CDN accelerate", please refer to the following steps to enable it.

      1.Please Click "Domain Management" > "My Domain Overview"

2.Click the "red pause button"

3.Click "Enable"

*If you enable CDN accelerate, your DNS will be switched to service provider's.
*You need to reset your DNS setting in the CDN servers.

4.Fill in the record information and click "Save"


*It will take 12-24 hours for changes to be updated throughout the internet.
*If your DNS was hosted by Net-chinese, DNS will be switched back after you disable the service.
*If you have any question, please mail to