How to register a domain name?

Please refer to the following steps to register a domain name.

1. Please log in to your account.

*How to create Net-Chinese account?

*How to modify account info ?

2. Search the domain name which you want to register on the Net-Chinese website home page.

3. Click "Add to Cart" if the domain name is available and click "Check out".

If it shows "Still Want", it means the domain name has been registered. You can refer to "Buy Back Service" if you still want to buy this domain name.

4. Choose the domain name registration term and click "Next".

  5. Click "Choose Value-Added Service" and tick the service which you need and click "Next".

    (Click "Next" directly if you don't need any Value-Added Service)


CDN Service


WHOIS Privacy

Domain Lock

6.  Click User's Agreement and Click "Agree"


7. Confirm shopping list and click "Check Out"

8. Select a payment method and click "Check Out".

*How to deposit prepayment to Account

*If you choose to use a credit card, you can pay by  VISAMaster CardJCB. Just to remind you that transaction fee and exchange rate fee are extra calculated.

9. You will be directed to the "Services to be opened" page. Please click "Choose Contacts for Domains".

10. Choose or create your domain name contact information and click "Submit domain name contact information".

There are three ways for creating.

  1. Click  "Add" and create a new domain name contact information > Click "Create"

  1. If you have created the contact before,you can choose a domain name contact information that you need to use directly. 
    You can click “查看” to check the contact information also.

  1. Fill in the CTID directly and click "ok".

After checking your information, please click "Submit domain name contact information".



1.CTID is a data code for each domain name information. If you modify it, the other domain names using the same CTID will be modified.

2.If you are still not a member of Net-Chinese, please click "Sign up" on the top right.

3.Please send an e-mail to us for checking if you have a domain registration identity.

4.Please check the domain name contact information is correct.