CDN Service


■ Service description

The purpose of the CDN (Content Distribution Network, or Content Delivery Network) service is to let the Internet
users access the content of your website faster and more securely. With this service, the content of your website
will be distributed to a group of servers, and the Internet users will be able to access the closest servers for
the content. This technology can not only reduce website loading times but also prevent DDOS attacks.


■ Who can use this service?

The service can be applied to any domain name.
1. If your business involves a high volume of online processing works, you should consider CDN service.
2. If your business is built online (e.g. an EC site), and you wish to strengthen data security, you should consider
    CDN service.


■ How to activate the service?

If you want to activate the CDN service, please follow the steps listed below:
1. Log into your account, click “My Domain Overview” under “Domain Management” on the left column. 
2. Tick the domain name that you want to purchase the CDN service for.
3. Click “CDN Acceleration” under the green button “Acquire Matching Domain Name”.
4. Click the blue button “Check Out” and complete your payment.
5. After completing the payment, please click “Services to be opened” under “Account” on the left column, and activate
   the CDN service on the next page.