CDN Service


■ Service Description 

CDN Service serves the following purpose and functions:

1. Getting the user to the closest CDN server by means of algorithm.

2. By means of distributed network caching contents to several CDN servers, reducing access time.

3. Supports high frequency request demand, when facing DDOS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) attacks when making CDN the 1st line of defense, reducing server pressure when under attack.

4. When detecting an irregular IP allows early detection and prevents internet attacks.

■ Applicable to

1. Any Domain can apply for this service.

2. Users who rely highly on online processing and have high data flow.

3.User with high demand for online services and data protection.

■ Service Procedures and Settings

If you have decided to purchase CDN Service, please follow the stepts below.

1. Select the domain for the  "CDN Service"

2. Select "Aquire Matching Domain Name"

3. Select "CDN Service" and click "Check Out"

4. Complete payment and then back to"Services to be opened". 

5. Set the  record