Domain name data mining


■ Service description

Net-Chinese will search and list the WHOIS data of the domain names based on your brand/ trademark terms, appointed
terms, and your picked suffixes. This service can let you understand how your brand/ trademark terms are used in the
Internet world, and help you design your domain name management strategy.


■ Prices of the service

The prices are as below:

Amount of the domain names (=X) Price (TWD/ per domain name)
X < 500 100
X = 500 95
500 < X ≦ 1,000 90
1,000 < X ≦ 2,000 85
2,000 < X ≦ 3,000 80
3,000 < X ≦ 4,000 75


► If you wish to register the domain name which is listed in our searching report, you will be offered a discount of
TWD 100 per domain name. Please contact us directly for details.


■ Procedures

1. You will be required to provide the terms that you want us to search for.

2. You will be required to pick the suffixes that you want us to search for; for example, Country Code Top-Level Domain
(ccTLD), Generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD), New Generic Top-Level Domain (New gTLD).

3. Complete the application form and the payment, and send the details to Net-Chinese via email or fax.